Email Signup for Link is now on!

Last night this plugin was approved to be in the WordPress plugin repository!

I wrote this plugin because I was wanting to give away my new book for free in PDF format, but rather than simply posting the link to the PDF, I wanted to also collect email addresses of the people who downloaded the book.  This way I can follow up with them and get their input, and keep a connection.

I looked around WordPress for a suitable plugin, and there were some paid options, as well as another plugin that seemed like it was exactly what I needed, except it was dependent on another plugin that has since been removed from WordPress.  I knew it wouldn’t be too hard to code another plugin, and after taking several hours to try out existing plugins, I coded the plugin in a few more.  It’s functionality is simple, and I plan to expand on it in the future to integrate with other plugins/services, but I will never make it dependent on any other plugin for core features- it will be able to stand alone!

You can download the latest copy on the WordPress site.